Successfully Running Project

Fantasy Lagoon, Lake Amusement Park

This is a project where PARC has obtained the lake maintenance contract from the government for a period of 25 years. We took the lake AND rejuvenated and did an amusement park . This is a very successful project inaugurated in 2008.

Successfully Running Project

PARC Lake Weeds

PARC has an experience of 15 years in cleaning and maintaining lakes. We have the latest technology of automatic boat vehicles for cleaning lakes.

With our experience in the lakes and water body we are fully equipped with new technologies, water vehicles and machinery to clean up lakes.

We have ample experience in deweeding with new technology of boat harvesters. These harvesters are collaborated with Turkey and Qungzo pioneers. These boat harvesters are the latest and very new to INDIA which cleans the weeds grown on lakes.

After the lake restoration the lake can be transformed into a tourist destination. We can have boat club, water sports, food court and lots of other water related amusement rides.

PARC role and participation

PARC is ready to take up cleaning of lakes anywhere in India.

  • PARC will give a detailed DPR for the selected lake.
  • PARC will give a budget to the Government and the concerned Government will release funds
  • PARC will finish the cleaning process in the committed time.

Successfully Running Project

PARC Lake Restoration

With our experience and good experts, we changed the most dirtiest lake to the most beautiful lake. After restoration, we beautified the lake and till today we are maintaining the lake to good standards. We have the latest imported weed cutting boats and dredges and lots of other good techniques that maintain the lake to very good standards.

Successfully Running Project

PARC IT Enabled Services

We have a lavish 100 seater office space in prime location of the garden city. Fully loaded office including a big pantry and experienced employees we have entered another world of success.


Rock Rockzu

The garden city of India has got all the glory but for weekend outings and tourist spots. We have nothing fascinating to interest tourists. Keeping this in mind here comes a mind-blowing project of tourism called Rock Rockzu planned near Kolar about 65 kms from Bangalore.

Successfully Running Project

PARC EDULOITE, Public Luxury Toilet

The agency came out with a very unique and mind blowing concept of public pay and use luxury toilet, approved by the Bangalore city corporation. This is India’s first facility to have both men and women toilets with a touch of class and sophistication. This facility called the PARC EDULOITE is still maintained by the agency to great standards from the past 24 years.

Successfully Running Project

Statues In City Railway Station

After the grand success of the luxury toilet the agency came out with another fascinating project of advertising called the FACES. This is a project of 12th century’s made of high density fiber and cement of Indian women up to bust installed in the Bangalore city railway station. These four feet statues are placed over a pillar of three feet height having the ad boards surrounding the pillar. This project was welcomed with a very big hug by the top jewelers in Bangalore. This project started some 24 years back and is still popular among the commuters and has given another feather to the cap of agency.

Successfully Running Project

Traffic Islands

This is another mind blowing project of city beautification and advertising called the T.I.A(Traffic Islands Advertising). T.I.A became an instant hit in the city since of minimum investment and a through away ad rent for the clients. The agency developed many traffic islands, beautified it with greenery and ornamental fencing and placed granite stone in the center of the island having the client’s logo and ad matter. This was very affordable for the clients and the agency reaped profits and also had accounts from the city’s top hotels, garment shops, hospitals, pubs and so on. This is yet another innovative concept of advertising.

Successfully Running Project

Golf, Turf Mats

Golf is a game of great interest .Generally golf is played on natural greens spread over a very vast area. But for the first time in India here comes a concept of playing
golf over a very small area of even 50 sq. ft called the short putting fantasy golf. This is the game of playing the short putting game in golf over a very small area installed with turf mats with holes.These greens are manufactured with the state of the art technology and most advanced synthetic turf available globally. These turf are made with the highly durable ultraviolet treated polypropylene fiber designed to with stand the damaging effects of mother nature.

Successfully Running Project

Cable Bridge, Innovative Concept

A resident who stays in Karnataka hardly gets to see or even hear about this top spots of the state. To hype and highlight the beautiful tourist spots of Karnataka. We have installed 50 glow sign boxes in the cable bridge at the K. R Puram by using one side of the commercial advertising digital board. Pictures of 50 top destination of Karnataka are digitized and pasted on this boards of size 3 ft /5 ft. On top of every picture a logo as been digitized called ‘THE BEAUTIFUL KARNATAKA’. These boards will gloom to promote our beautiful state.